We, Sports Physical, are a pain-care service institution, solely specializing in methods by hand in which we probe into the root causes of body pains /stresses and relieve them. Our method is to ease the muscle tension and get the displacement of the joint back to the normal position. We DON’T crack your joints unnecessarily. A wide range of patients are our client, including elderly, elementary school students, Olympic athletes and various professional athletes. Joint pain and misalignment, muscle tension will slightly improve because of roll-over during sleeping. However, once they excess the limit, the joints will stay misaligned and cause pain, numbness, fatigue, distortion, tension which will become daily symptom. If you get hard time living a normal life with such symptoms, you may see a doctor, try pain killer, sticking medicine, injection etc. If you didn’t see any improvement with all those attempts and started thinking about undergoing surgery, we recommend that you come to us for treatment before that. We will scrutinize the root cause of your pain for easing it. Also, we welcome all of you who gave up removing pain because of your age, have your joint damaged by sports, or suffer from growing pains.

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Monthly article「Worries of patients」
  • Monthly topic : Patients’ trouble
    December : Hip joint The hip joint is located at the center of the body. It has a wider range of motion compared to other parts with a lot of muscle mass. It is the most mobile part in the body. There is a difference between men and women. Men’s are better built than women and the range of motion is narrower while women’s joint moves wider for the sake of pregnancy and childbirth. For this reason, many patients who suffer pains caused by misalignment or twisting of this part come to us.
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Injured by accident

In this case, you may be suffering from pain, numbness, headache or dizziness caused by a strong shock. Even you see doctor and go through X-ray examination, the result may be “nothing wrong” and you may get patch or internal medicine prescribed. In such cases, please contact us.


As you get aged, you may experience pain, numbness or tightness in some parts of your body. We will help ease your pain. Please contact us.

Children and students

Children and students may get pain not only from gymnastics or club activities at school but also from studying with the same posture for a long time. If you want to have your child treated at our salon, please contact us after verifying with X-ray exam that he/she has no trouble in bones.


Hip joint misalignment is one of the typical pains unique to women along with cramps and low back pain. Childbirth and menopausal disorder cause a heavy stress on women's body. If you have such a trouble, please contact us,

Adult men

Men have robust skeleton but may get low back pain if they have an experience on sitting on a chair for a long time or carrying heavy stuff. If they have kept getting older having low back pain, they may have bones and muscle weakened and get pain in neck, shoulder, knee or ankle. We will treat such pains accordingly.


Many of the people who got injured in sports have pain/tightness in muscle or bone misalignment caused by overuse of their body. Sprain caused by falling may be remedied with our treatment if bones are not damaged. Please contact us. Treatment before sports meet is also available.

Don’t you have trouble like this?

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【From neck to head】

  1. 1:Can’t open eyes wide against sunlight
  2. → convulsions in orbicularis oculus

  3. 2:Convulsions around eyes
  4. → biting back teeth too tight(convulsion in muscle of side of head)

  5. 3:Pain in side of head
  6. → biting back teeth too tight

  7. 4:Pain in jaw / Can’t open mouth wide
  8. → misalignment in jaw joint

  9. 5:Numbness / convulsion in neck / tight shoulder
  10. → Sprain in neck

  11. 6:Dry eyes
  12. → convulsions in orbicularis oculus

  13. 7:Hay feve
  14. → misalignment in shoulder and convulsion in muscle around neck

  15. 8:Dry cough
  16. → → misalignment in sternum

  17. 9:Phlegm
  18. → misalignment in sternum or rib cartilage

  19. 42:Syncope while driving
  20. → misalignment in cervical spine /unfit pillow


  1. 10:Can’t get shoulders up
  2. → misalignment in shoulder joint, collar bone

  3. 11:Can’t lie down with face up due to shoulder pain
  4. → misalignment in shoulder worsened by rubbing or hitting shoulder in bathtub

  5. 12:Can’t wash face due to shoulder pain
  6. → misalignment in shoulder joint, elbow


  1. 13:Can’t stretch out elbow
  2. → misalignment between elbow and bone on edge of elbow

  3. 14:Numbness in arms
  4. → misalignment in radius or calf bone

  5. 15:Numbness in little finger at wake-up
  6. → misalignment in elbow

  7. 16:Pain in elbow / swelling in inner side of elbow
  8. → worsened misalignment in elbow

  9. 17:Pain or fluid accumulation in elbow
  10. → misalignment in elbow


  1. 18:Can’t bend or stretch fingers smoothly
  2. → misalignment in finger joint

  3. 19:Jammed finger
  4. → misalignment in finger joint


  1. 20:Pain in wrist / Can’t stretch out or bend wrist
  2. → sprain in wrist

  3. 21:Feel pain in edge of palm when placing hands on ground
  4. → misalignment in pisiform bone

  5. 22:Numbness in little finger
  6. → misalignment in intermediate phalanges or joint


  1. 23:Feel discomfort in hip or groin
  2. → misalignment in hip joint

  3. 24:Feel pain in inner groin / pain or tightness in hip
  4. → misalignment in hip joint

  5. 25:Feel tight in outer groin
  6. → misalignment in outer side of hip joint

  7. 26:Feel pain in hip while sitting and continue to do while walking after standing up
  8. → misalignment in tailbone

  9. 27:Feel pain or tight in hip while walking or sitting
  10. → misalignment in sacroiliac joint or tailbone

  11. 28:Can’t move body as flexibly as it was possible in childhood.
  12. → misalignment in hip joint

  13. 29:Bend one leg with the other stretched out while lying down
  14. → misalignment in outer side of hip joint

  15. 30:Cervical spondylolisthesis
  16. → misalignment in inner side of hip joint

  17. 31:Numbness in leg
  18. → misalignment in hip joint


  1. 32:Feel pain when climbing stairs
  2. → misalignment in inner side of knee

  3. 33:Feel pain when climbing down stairs
  4. → misalignment in outer side of knee

  5. 34:Feel pain when standing up from straight sitting position
  6. → misalignment in knee joint

  7. 35:Nubmness or pain in outer side of knee
  8. → misalignment in calf bone

  9. 36:Swelling or fluid accumulation in knee
  10. → misalignment in inner side of knee

  11. 37:Throbbing pain in knee while lying down
  12. → misalignment in knee

  13. 38:Fluid accumulation in knew in child’s growth period
  14. → misalignment in knee caused by growing pain

  15. 39:Osgood-Schlatter disease
  16. → misalignment in outer side of knee joint caused by growing pain

  17. 40:Shin splints (front)
  18. → growing pain in tibia

  19. 41:Shin splints (external)
  20. → growing pain in calf bone


  1. 43:Feel pain in foot bottom while walking
  2. → misalignment in metatarsal (big toe)

  3. 44:Feel pain in heel
  4. → misalignment in inner side of ankle

  5. 45:Numbness in outer side of foot
  6. → misalignment in metatarsal (little toe)

  7. 46:Swelling with heat in outer side of foot
  8. → sprain in outer side of ankle

  9. 47:Painful swelling in top of foot
  10. → misalignment in metatarsal

  11. 48:Athlete's foot in bottom of foot
  12. → sprain in ankle

  13. 49:Numbness in toe
  14. → misalignment in top of foot

【Spine 1 :
in thoracic spine】

  1. 50:Feel pain or numbness in the area between neck and blade bone
  2. → misalignment in C6-T4

  3. 51:Pain in heart, hyperventilation, irregular heartbeat
  4. → misalignment in T5-T7

  5. 52:Feel heavy in stomach, bowel
  6. → misalignment in T7-T9

  7. 53:Body swelling, itching, feeling heavy
  8. → misalignment in T10-T12

【Spine 2 :
in thoracic spine】

  1. 54:Tighness in belly, flank / bad bowel movement
  2. → misalignment in T1-T3

  3. 55:Pain and numbness in back / can’t bend or stretch back smoothly / acute low back pain
  4. → misalignment in T4-T5

【Misalignment in pelvis】Women only

  1. 56:Feel pain in pubis when standing up or sitting down in post-childbirth period
  2. → misalignment in pelvis cartilage

  3. 57:Feel pain in hip with pelvis widened in post-childbirth period
  4. → misalignment in sacroiliac joint

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